About us


AK Bijoux Minerals is a successfully selected team of qualified professionals who has, all through these years, established staff as a wholesaler of semi-precious “gems” stones all over the world.

Our exceptional  “gems” has always been offered in rough or polished.  Thanks to our direct contacts with the owners of the mines in various countries such as Afghanistan  and Pakistan , we are in an exceptional position to provide a wide range of semi-precious stones well known worldwide.

Due to the exclusivity of our direct contacts with the mines, we are in a position to sell our products at the most reasonable prices on the market.

Moreover, our enterprise specialises in the most precious jewels such as the tourmaline, aquamarine, peridot, kunzite and of course not to be forgotten the famous blue lapis-lazuli and many more…

We hope that you will take advantage of our products. We thank you in advance for the attention given to us and looking forward hearing from you soon.

All our products are thoughtfully and handmade to please our customers. We can also design any type of jewellery as you wish as we have a huge selection of minerals and semi-precious stones.

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AK Bijoux Minerals